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here we are, thick as thieves, so happy, so vibrant.

(our skin burns like eta carinae

whenever i get too close i can feel the flush bubble up

i can feel the marrow baking

but i step away.

i don’t let the visions reach their climax)

here we are, we are laughing and everything is a joke.

intimacy is a joke but it is our joke

something nobody else will understand

something that is ours and ours alone.

nobody else is in on the joke.

others laugh with us but they don’t get it.

(the first time i touched her like that

i knew it was the start of something)

here we are, sometimes it feels like we have nobody

but we will always have each other.

won’t we?

won’t we?!

(the first time i touched you like that

when we were finished

i wondered if i had made a mistake)

here we are, at the beginning.

(we do not know it yet

but we are careening towards a cliff

and we are each about to take a swan dive

and spend the entire way down arguing

about if one of us pulled the other two down

or if we were pushed

or if we each jumped of our own volition

we will spend so much time arguing

we will forget that eventually we will hit the ground

mistaking falling for flying)

come on, let's go.