the flower city gothic


fall feels like a nightmare that will never end. and you're right. it will never end. you will live on the border between the warm memory of summer and the seventh circle winter for as long as you are here (forever).

you feel like a ghost inside your house, like you are intruding upon something. this feeling isn't new. the only reason why it's confusing to you is because your roommates swear that before you moved in, they whipped out an ouija board and talked to the ghosts themselves, and the ghosts were happy to finally have company. you know the house is only slightly haunted. so why does it feel like you're the one haunting the house, bothering the others?

your landlord warns you not to go in the attic. "why not?" you ask. "the last residents had some problems is all, we had to put them up there." she explains patiently. "just don't go up there." you wonder what the "them" she's referring to is--the last residents or the problems? sometimes it's hard to tell, because of the footsteps you hear above you when you try to fall asleep at night.

the cemetary is so inviting. you have more in common with its residents than the people around you.

are you sure you want to keep going?